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    For fine old-world cuisine, we have a selection of Greek food, like classic gyros, as well as Lebanese food like falafels or kibby. It will feel like you're really there!
    Order in or take out for a fast and easy dining experience. Our delivery goes anywhere in the Denton, TX area, and we love to introduce our excellent food to surrounding cities.
    Need food for a big event? Catering service from Yummy's Greek Restaurant helps you check a big item off your list. Get excellent Mediterranean cuisine for all of your guests!
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Mediterranean food
Mediterranean Cuisine

Our Mediterranean cuisine is unbeatable! For thirty years, we at Yummy's Greek Restaurant have been serving the Denton area of Texas delicious dishes that evoke the blue waters of Greece, like gyros and chicken souvlaki. Have you ever tried Lebanese food? You might fall in love!

Greek Food

For most people, Greek food means gyros. But Yummy's Greek Restaurant has much more to offer to the Denton, Texas region and surrounding areas! There's delicious hummus and chicken souvlaki, and much more if you want some unique, memorable taste sensations in your life.

Lebanese food
Lebanese Food

If we asked you to come up with your favorite Lebanese food, you might have trouble. Yummy's Greek Restaurant serves delicious dishes like falafel, kibby, and more and we're Denton, Texas's premiere spot for everything Lebanese. Get delivery now for an exciting meal!

Italian beef

The gyro is just one of the classic and memorable pieces of Greek food that Yummy's Greek Restaurant offers to the surrounding area of Denton, Texas. This piece of classic Mediterranean cuisine has millions of fans the world over, and our unique version is sure to find a place on your tongue, and in your heart.



With over thirty years of experience creating memorable dishes and dining experiences to the people of Denton, Texas and the surrounding areas, Yummy's Greek Restaurant is your number one destination for Mediterranean Cuisine. If you're hungry for some classic Greek food, our expert chefs and thrilling decor helps you leave your worries at the door. If you're looking for a new kind of culinary experience, try out our Lebanese food for something extra special!

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